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I just read a post where someone said why they didn’t like Peeta, “hated” Peeta and, I’m sorry.  I don’t like Gale at all, but to say I hate him is really strong.  So here, let me tell you why I love Peeta Mellark, and sorry, I can’t put a cut in here, so bare with me.

Reasons why I love Peeta Mellark…

1. Self-sacrificing: He has no disillusion that he will survive the Games.  He knows his limitations and because of that he vows to protect Katniss instead.  If either of them were to make it out of that first arena he thought it should be Katniss.  He has no intention of getting close to her at this point, only that he wants her to live. Because she has people she needs to take care of and people she loves and that love her back.  I’m sorry, but to say Peeta was just this love sick puppy dog throughout the first book, I mean… the movie sure plays that angle like it’s no big deal he puts his own life on the line to save her!

2. Protective:  I guess you could say this goes hand in hand with the above, but he maintains this throughout the series!  In the first one, he saves her from Cato.  Then in Catching Fire he stays with her at night to comfort her — to comfort them both.  There is a significant level of intimacy that is achieved in those moments.  Intentional or not, there is a bond that solidifies there.  Again the implications.  That more happened on the train than did.  That what did happen—those nights I only kept my sanity because his arms were around me—no longer matters.  Everything a lie, everything a way of misusing him.” — Mockingjay, pg. 243  Now I mentioned this part the other day, and the way I see it, is he’s calling her out for ignoring him, but that’s another post.  The nights she only kept her sanity was when his arms were around her.  I’m sorry if you disagree, but that’s pretty damn significant.  Then there is everything that happens in the Quell and how he is still determined, even after dying to get Katniss out of that arena.  He has no intention of leaving there without her, and it’s not until the beach scene that he realizes that it’s reciprocal.  Then at the lightning tree…ugh, don’t get me started on that scene.  And even when he’s hijacked, there’s still that protectiveness, when the mutts start converging on them he screams at her to run.  And I don’t think it’s just because they had the, “you’re still trying to protect me. Real or not real?” “Real.  Because that’s what you and I do.  Protect each other.” (MJ, 302) While I think that conversation is incredibly significant I think what counts in that instant is it’s just a gut reaction for him.  Katniss is in trouble and he tells her to run.  Simple as that.  And I won’t even go into how even at the end she still finds comfort in his arms … oh wait, I just did.

3. His genuine love for Katniss: Sure, before the first Games maybe it was a little puppy dog like, but in the arena — in that damn cave — it grew beyond that.  And it’s because of that, that 1 and 2 are so significant.  Even after they’ve won the Games and he discovers her actions were not all genuine for him, he still plays his part, because he loves her dammit.  He offered to look after Gale after his whipping.  He helped her recover after she injured herself coming back from the meadow (in the book alone, sadly), and even when they find out about the Quell.

4. He volunteers to go back into the Games: Sure Katniss volunteered the first time and that’s great, that’s necessary for the plot and establishing her as the heroine — but in Catching Fire, when they are there and Haymitch’s name is called Peeta fucking Mellark, volunteers to go back into that arena just so that he can be sure she’s protected.  (Again could be a part of number 2, but I think this is significant enough to warrant it’s own number.)  It’s not that he doesn’t trust Haymitch, because at that point in the story, he’d have no reason not to, but he just wouldn’t have been able to live with himself if he didn’t go with her and at least try to protect her, try to send her home.  I don’t think this was a choice borne from duty, or how he thought people would view him, I think it was purely to save Katniss, and he didn’t trust anyone else but himself to do that.

5. He refuses to be what the Capitol wants him to be: Notice I said what, not who.  Who they want him to be isn’t important because it wouldn’t matter, he was so sassy and so good at words that it wouldn’t have made any difference at all…but what he told Katniss on that roof, about not being a part of their Games, of finding a way to show the Capitol that they don’t own him, that he wants to die as himself.  I cannot imagine the hoops he must’ve had to jump through to be able to speak so in Katniss’ favor in his interview with Caesar in Mockingjay, but I don’t think it was painless.  And he certainly suffered a lot after that.

6. Quell: First off, he volunteers to go back in (#4) with Katniss, then they’re thrown back into a situation where they have to take care of each other, and guard each other’s backs, then he dies, carries Mags, fights the Monkey Mutts, runs after Katniss during the Jabberjays, stays as close to her as he can with the barrier up and then carries her out of the section and back to the beach.  I’m sorry, but where does that say he’s weak?  And then, he tells her that he’s not needed at home and that she is.  Like Katniss observed, Peeta is giving her everything. (And totally Katniss related, but I think that observation on her part is soooo key.  I realize only one person will be damaged beyond repair if Peeta dies.  Me. Beyond repair.  That’s important.)  Then when they want them to separate…he argues it, because he doesn’t trust anyone else to protect Katniss.  It’s not that he just chooses not to trust anyone with her life, it’s that he can’t.  He had no intention of making it out of that arena either.

7. Post hijacking: When he comes back to 12.  I’m convinced that was a choice.  Because I do think he still loved her, otherwise his conversation with Gale in the cellar wouldn’t make sense, and like I’ve mentioned before, I think the comment about the nights on the train, "Yeah a lot of things should count for something that don’t seem to, Katniss.  I’ve got some memories I can’t make sense of, and I don’t think the Capitol touched them.  A lot of nights on the train, for instance." (MJ, 243)  He doesn’t count anymore, and it stings because he knows it.  He knows that whatever the Capitol did to him, forever changed their relationship, and whether it was clear to him or not (and I don’t think it was) there is still some neglect felt on his part here.  I could go on with this one, but I’m gonna just leave it here.

8. Epilogue: No, he’s not the same he was before, but he tried and has kept trying for Katniss.  He didn’t have to try to mend their broken relationship, but he does.  And what does he tell her, “we have each other.”  They do, and they fought so very hard for that.  That’s no small matter.

So I’ve been really concise with this…yes, this is concise, but anyways, there are many many more reasons why I love Peeta, but these are what come to mind at this moment.  Now you’re entitled to your own opinion, like him or don’t like him, whatever, but don’t insult his character.  I’m not afraid to write more posts like this, I’m just not.  You insult Peeta and them is fighting words.

So why do I love Peeta Mellark?

Well you tell me.  Why do you love Peeta Mellark?  Why is he such a significant character to you?  If you can’t answer that then you don’t love him as much as you think you do.  Find a reason, and defend it if it comes under fire.  Because he suffered enough.

Yeah yeah yeah, he’s a fictional character…

Shut up.

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 “I can feel myself changing and not for the better. Every choice I have made to protect France and Scotland, even you, for all of them there is a reckoning. And it’s always the woman who must bow to the Queen. I feel like I’m killing part of myself, that I’m ignoring my heart until it becomes blind and death. I can feel myself growing harder, and I worry that I’m becoming someone you will not love.“

It is a strange fate that we should suffer so much fear and doubt over so small a thing. Such a little thing.